How To Encourage Your Kids To Read

As a parent, getting your kids to open a book rather than watching TV can be a challenge. Reading is one of the most essential and fundamental skills a child needs to learn, both in order to improve academically and to be successful throughout their lives. Learn some helpful tips to encourage your kids to read down below and explore the wide range of books available on the Toy Universe website now.

Be a reading role model! 

Our first tip is to show your kids how it’s done! Up your reading game and demonstrate just how fun reading can be. If your kids see you enjoying yourselves while reading, they’ll be more likely to do the same. Express your love of reading and how exciting it can be and your kids will be inspired to experience the same excitement themselves.

Go on fun trips to the library 

Turn reading into a fun outing by taking your kids to the library. Not only will they be exposed to a massive range of books, but they will associate books and reading with fun time out with mum and dad. Make a big deal of going to the library! Point out all the fun areas that there are for kids, buy them a special book bag to carry their books, celebrate the fact that they are getting their very own library card, and let them choose their own books.

Expose your kids to different genres 

Show your kids all the genres of books that exist out there. Expose them to all kinds of books and let them discover what they most enjoy. The more interested your kids are in certain topics or subjects, the more interested and excited they will be in reading more about it. Let them choose what looks and sounds interesting to them - within reason of course - and enable them to enjoy reading while learning more about their topic at the same time.

Make reading a part of your routine 

Whether this works best at nighttime or after school, dedicate a specific amount of time in your routine to reading. Not only will this provide your kids with quiet time to relax in a silent, calming environment, but it will get your kids into the habit of consistent reading. It especially helps to create a special reading nook or area somewhere in your house, where your kids know that they can sit with their book and relax, away from the hustle and bustle of annoying siblings and the usual household chaos.

Read aloud to your kids 

If you’re beginning the reading journey, a great way to get your kids into it is by reading out loud to your kids, complete with funny voices and facial expressions. Doing this will make reading a fun and entertaining experience, allowing them to create associations between reading and fun. Making reading interactive will also keep your kids wanting more, meaning that they will be super excited for the next reading time.

Don't push them 

This last tip might just be our most important one. Though we highly recommend encouraging your kids to start reading, it’s incredibly important to do so gently. Don’t come on too strong. Forcing your kids to do anything they don’t want to do won’t work in your favour. Encourage them to try it out, but if they show resistance, don’t push it. Forcing them to read will only make them unwilling to try.

Get your kids reading with Toy Universe! To explore our extensive range of books, featuring books of all genres and ideal for all ages, visit our website now. If you have your own reading tips to offer, or any other helpful advice that will help other Toy Universe mums and dads, let us know!

Happy reading from Toy Universe!