How to Boost Your Child’s Memory

Having a strong memory is key for all future developmental processes that your child will navigate as they grow. Not only does the ability to recall knowledge and information make it easier for your child to excel in school, but it will also enable them to build essential life skills that will help them throughout their life.

Luckily, there are lots and lots of tips and strategies that your child can use to strengthen their memory. Keep on reading and find out more below!

1. Memory games 

Playing memory games offer many benefits for your child. Firstly, they help to improve brain functions, including focus, concentration, and attention. They allow for critical thinking and improve visual recognition, where kids learn to identify differences and similarities. Memory games also improve short-term memory functioning, which ultimately improves your child’s long-term memory as well!

2. Books books books  

Another great way to stimulate your child’s memory is by discussing the books that they are currently reading. By speaking about the stories out loud, answering questions and making sure your child is actively engaged, you’ll help to shape and form both their short-term and their long-term memory.

3. Bond over past memories 

When kids think about and visualise their favourite memories, not only is it fun and nostalgic, but it stimulates and develops their memory. By encouraging your child to tell stories about their favourite past experiences, they will not only learn how to express them clearly and coherently, but this will also enrich and sharpen their memories.

4. Play some card games

Playing cards presents a great opportunity for you to have some fun with your kids and boost their memory at the same time! With card games, your child has to constantly remember the rules of the game, but also which cards they have played vs which cards others have played.

5. Take advantage of your senses 

Using more than one sense to process information helps with both working memory and short-term memory. By writing things down, saying them out loud, or doing a little dance, your child will process information much more effectively, meaning that they hac stimulate their memory and have fun in the process!

Try out these memory-boosting tips with your child and let us know how they go!