How gifts can help your child’s development

Can you believe it’s December already? ‘Tis almost the season of festive gift-giving! It’s also a time in which many parents worry that there’s too much of a focus on material things, making their kids too spoiled or materialistic. But I’m here to let you know how gifts can be a great help in their positive development. The holidays can be a great time to pick useful and meaningful gifts that will not only build their generosity, but their self-confidence, creativity, and learning too. Here are some reasons why gifts are great for promoting your child’s development.

Gifts that keep on giving! 

First of all, the holidays are a great way to teach the kids about generosity and appreciation! Talk to them about how good it feels to choose a gift for someone that they’d love! Stepping into other people’s shoes to think about what gift another person would like builds empathy in the child. Have them pick out gifts with you, help wrap them, or give them to the recipient. Gift-giving definitely increases well-being and self-satisfaction, even in the little ones! 

Spread that sibling love! 

When it comes to gifts, it’s always good to give the kids something that can connect them to their siblings or their peers. There are countless toys that promote teamwork to solve problems or create things . The kids get great quality time together, which will make them value these toys even more! Most importantly, toys teach them the importance of sharing - Sharing their toys and sharing others’ toys. Get them toys that you can play with together or with their friends or siblings. Play sets like the Hot Wheels Track Builder really encourage sharing, patience and building communication with others. 

Developing the young mind 

Children can learn A LOT of new skills from playing. So when you purposefully choose the toys they play with, they can learn and have fun at the same time. As a bonus, making learning fun will help them retain what they learn and give them a positive attitude toward learning. You can start as simple as rattles when they’re babies to help their motor skills, to shape sorters when they’re toddlers to further develop their coordination and cognitive skills. For older kids, Lego blocks are a chance to learn more about colours, design and symmetry while they develop their creative and motor skills. Check out these LEGO Classic Creative Transparent Bricks.

Speak your mind! 

Toys can also help their language and communication skills. Books, puzzles, dolls, figurines or pretend play toys are great gifts you can give to the young ones to develop this. They can express themselves by giving a voice to their toys, or learn to socialise with others through sharing those toys. Pretend play toys like kitchen sets, fishing sets, or gardening sets are timeless, popular and beneficial to developing communication AND creativity. Hey, some toys even help them literally learn a different language! Check out interactive bilingual books like this Leapfrog English-French Vocabulary book!  

How Independent! 

For some kids, it comes naturally to entertain themselves. But for most, it has to be taught. Gifting specific toys that will encourage independent play can go a long way. Allowing kids to solve problems on their own means they are engaging their imagination and becoming resourceful, independent beings. You can start early with activity stands like the Play'N' Nap Gymotion Activity Gym. As they grow older, continuing to encourage independent play will also build up their self-confidence. How happy they are when they can finish a puzzle or lego project all by themselves! 

Creativity: intelligence having fun 

Open-ended toys that encourage free play make great gifts - mostly because they encourage creativity and individuality! From craft kits to pretend play toys, these toys will guarantee your child will have that freedom of expression, and constant fun! Take the Blue Electronic Kids Toy Cash Register . for example - they’ll be sure to be imagining scenarios and playing pretend for hours on end!

Puppets will forever be loved by the younger kids. Toddlers will certainly be intrigued by puppet shows, and will also love putting on their own acts with funny voices! They’re perfect for unleashing creativity. 

So there you have it - so many toys are beneficial for your child’s development in terms of building their independence, generosity, imagination, and other skills like communication and creativity. If you need more inspiration, check out the hundreds of toys we have, and shop by Age, Interest, or Brand.