Flower Fairies Secret Garden Toys bring fairy magic into your home

By Toy Tester Dad - May 16, 2017

Flower Fairies Secret Garden Toys bring fairy magic into your home

For as long as anyone can remember fairies have held a magical spell over young children, whether it is the Fairy Godmother of Nursery Rhyme fame, the Tooth Fairy or the Fairy Door lovingly set up by your child, these mystical and mythical creatures have roamed through our children's lives for generations.

As stories would have it, fairies live down the bottom of the garden, going about their task of creating magic and surprise for any child who is prepared to believe!

But do they?
Well we can confirm they do!

Flower Fairies Secret Garden Toys to boost your childs imagination

The Flower Fairies live in a secret Garden at the bottom of the garden, whether it be a pot plant or a hundred acre farm your child can now enjoy the delights of their very own Flower Fairy Secret Garden.

The Flower Fairies Secret Garden are a great new range for the fairy dreamer in your family. Made from sturdy plastic these delightful little creatures can live in their own secret garden or you can let them live in your very own garden to delight and fascinate the little Fairy Dreamer. The Flower Fairies have 4 different fairies named after their favourite garden plants like Buttercup, Daisy, Strawberry, Rose and Lavender.

The Secret Garden range also has everything your fairy will need to set up a magical home, with a letterbox for mail, stepping stones to keep their feet clean and trees and signposts so they feel right at home, your flower fairy world will be full of intrigue and magic from the very first moment.

Even if you don’t have a garden that is magical enough for the fairies, the Flower Fairies are perfect or your fairy lover with their very own Garden Kits in Yellow or Pink, the perfect accessory for outside the Fairy Door in your child’s room. The green moss in the plastic garden can be removed and replaced with dirt to grow a lush little garden for the Magical Fairies.

The beauty of the Flower Fairies is not just in their delightful bright colours or their cute little stature, at about 7cm tall, it is a world waiting to be explored by your child. The Flower Fairies series of books, which feature each of the Flower Fairy characters, is a magical world for your child to enter and grow the love of reading to a whole new level as their real world Flower Fairies and their garden meets the fiction of the spectacular poetry and illustrations of the 1927 book by Cicely Mary Barker.

My own daughter has had the Flower Fairy book since she was young, if I remember rightly, it was gift from her Grandmother, the illustrations are amazing, and the poems capture the essence of the imaginary world of fairies and the Flower Fairies Secret Garden range brings those illustrations to life in an enchanted world every child will love.