Fisher Price Soothe and Glow Seahorse Review

March 01, 2016

2018 Update - the Fisher Price Seahorse is no longer available in Australia, check out our massive range of BEDTIME SOOTHERS for kids for awesome alternatives.

My sister has taken to ringing me a lot, at really odd hours ever since her daughter was born. Having just entered the baby phase, you know that six odd months, where your wonderful child just won’t stop crying at 3 am on the day of the big presentation, and when the sun does finally come up sleeps like a charm. Those months, that after she has had her breakfast she vomits all over your carefully selected suit. Upstairs, change, and into the car in record time, drop your beautiful child off to day care at work and then spend half the day telling the world how great life is as a mum whilst attempting to deliver a presentation in your second best suit. Yes, that time of your life.

So when the guys at asked me to check out the Fisher Price Soothe and Glow Seahorse I was certain I knew the right person to test out this little Seahorse and it wasn’t me.

So I invited my little Niece to come along and test this Fisher Price toy, I thought I was getting the package, you know Mum and Baby. Apparently Mum had other ideas, like a facial and some silence, so my Niece and I set off to give these Seahorses a workout.

I walked into the office with my little cherub niece, who, after 10 minutes with me was screaming the entire joint down at my ear level. Of course, there is a method to my madness, as everyone in the office offered to look after her whilst I checked out my Seahorse.

There are 2 seahorses in this range, pink and blue respectively and some really cool features like 8 lullaby tunes, soft lighting and a fade feature that gradually reduces light and sound as time passes. All of this was well packaged and typical high quality from Fisher Price but ultimately I needed to know only one thing, does it work ? Taking it out of it’s packaging instantly reminded me of the hours spent trying to pry toys out of their child proof prisons every Christmas and Birthday.

As I followed the sound that was my niece, I found myself really hoping this worked after only a few hours, imagine how my sister feels?

Scooping her up, I carried her into the darkened testing room and turned on the Seahorse. Much to my dismay the seahorse did not create the miracle of instant silence I had anticipated, but it gave me some light. As I rocked my Niece she started to watch the light and the screaming eased to mild sobbing and the fighting eased. Now we could actually hear the Lullabies, they were softly soothing both for my niece and I.

Now the Seahorse didn’t get my Niece to sleep, but it got her to calm down and that was a giant leap for mankind in anyone’s books, it's a toy that would get some use at the witching hour and those middle of the night events where nothing is working.

After a few weeks with the Pink Fisher Price Soothe and Glow Seahorse I have found my sisters calls have decreased which hopefully means that the Seahorse has managed to calm her down also.