Fireman Sam Toys are a hit with 3 to 6 Year olds

By Toy Tester Dad - March 29, 2016

Fireman Sam Toys are a hit with 3 to 6 Year olds

On each side of my house I have young families with children who start at 3 years of age and go through to 8 years old. My kids then take up the balance of the teenage years. This leads to a cacophony of television jingles, cartoon lyrics and heavy metal music on a Saturday morning.

One of the more common sounds to come from next door is a cartoon jingle that helpfully rings a bell to make sure your awake at 6.30am, and goes something like this………

When he hears that fire alarm, Fireman Sam………”

Some of you will be nodding along and by now be humming the second chorus, yes, you just stopped and smiled ! Others will be wondering what it is I am talking about - your children probably watch Postman Pat. Keep reading a whole new world will unfold.

Fireman Sam is a CGI cartoon of a Fireman, named Sam, and the crew who take care of a Welsh Village called Pontypandy and all its character residents. The cartoons are all really good clean harmless fun with a nice dose of inspirational themes such as Fire Safety, Marine Rescue and being nice to your neighbours.

My neighbours have managed to figure out that one of my numerous jobs is writing these blogs for, now I get these toys usually 2 – 3 weeks before you get the post, usually on a Wednesday which they also seem to have figured out. I can almost certainly be guaranteed a visit within about 5 minutes of their kids getting home on Wednesday to see what goodies I have and which neighbour will get to help me out.

This week I am working with Mr James (4) and Miss Emma (6) who are more of the target age for Fireman Sam although all of the toys are 3 plus, so probably at the upper age group. This was a fact that was quickly confirmed by Emma who promptly declared “Fireman Sam is for babies” as she ripped the boxes open with a grin.

As James ripped open the diecast helicopter he explained, as only a four year old can, that he “love the helachopper the best cause he is Orstralan” and he is right, the helicopter pilot in Fireman Sam is a lovely Australian bloke by the name of Tom Thomas who is in charge of the Wallaby 1 helicopter.

Meanwhile Emma had almost assembled the fire station which apparently you “must have for a fireman” delivered enthusiastically as only a 6 year old can when they think they just got one over an adult. A few clicks of the feet of the fire station and we were onto the next box which was the Marine Rescue Playset that was delivered in similar quick assembly by Miss Emma without the gratuitous eye roll on this particular occasion.

James was working away ferociously on the boxes of the 1/64th scale diecast model vehicles that included Juniper the Fire Engine, Mercury the Water Cannon and Venus, a 6 wheeled rescue vehicle. With a bit of a hand James had the vehicles set up, next to two Hot Wheels cars he just happened to have in his pockets??, at the front of the station.

Finally, Juno the jet ski was unpacked and I stepped back to make a coffee and let Mr James and Miss Emma play.

Jess from had explained that “Fireman Sam first kicked off in the UK and Wales in about 1987 and has been developed over three series of cartoon reincarnations the latest of which is the current CGI cartoons we see today. Australia has never been blessed with a huge range of Fireman Sam merchandise with distributors focusing more on the main characters. For this reason, fans of the show tend to snap merchandise up quickly as it changes quite regularly”

All the items I got to play with today were of sturdy quality, in particular the Die Cast vehicles do make a nice change to the plastic you normally see associated with TV Shows. The playset does give you a little more bang for your buck as each includes the relevant vehicle such as Hydra for the marine center and Jupiter for the Fire Station as well as a few stickers.

All of the toys are designed to be used in free play allowing the children to make up their own storylines or follow one of their favourite episodes.

With a bit of digging around the web it isn’t hard to find a Fireman Sam show travelling somewhere in Australia especially around the Christmas season to further extend your child's fun.

Meanwhile I had finished my coffee and looked back to see that Mr James had taken control of the vehicles which Miss Emma was blocking from accessing the firehouse over something to do with who controlled Wallaby 1. Clearly they had never seen the episode about being nice to their neighbours!

Fireman Sam features regularly on ABC Kids Australia and many episodes can be streamed free of charge through you tube.