Feisty Pets...super cute....super cuddly....but wait.....look at that face !

November 17, 2016

Feisty Pets are available in six different designs including Grandmaster Funk (Monkey), Karl the Snarl (Polar Bear), Lady Monstertruck (BRIGHT pink Cat), Princess Pottymouth (Cat), Sammy Suckerpunch (Dog) and Sir Growls a lot (Bear). All the designs are filled with 100% Polyester (and attitude) and are surface washable.

Each Feisty Pet comes with a list of Likes and Dislikes. We were sent Karl the Snarl (an innocent, if somewhat dopey looking Polar Bear). Karl has his droopy eyes and lists his likes as “Ice Fishing, S’mores and Yellow Snow”? His dislikes are “Springtime, Fuzzy White Seals and Lawyers!” Now normally not something most children would worry about too much but with a Feisty Pet, ignoring their likes and more importantly their dislikes can transform your lovely soft plush toy into a terrifying ball of fur with bared teeth and terrifying eyes.

My neighbours have a 5 and 7-year-old so I invited them over to give me their take on Karl the Snarl. Gravitating towards Karl the 5-year-old was the first to pick him up and after quickly playing with him placed him back on the table. I decided to help uncover Karl’s “attitude”. A quick little Skit of the nice polar bear walking along the table before asking Mr 7, (who at this stage was too cool for stuffed animals), if he liked Fuzzy White Seals, After replying yes, I gave Karl’s head a tight squeeze to expose his “attitude” at this turn of events.

Squeals, followed by “cool” followed by Karl, Mr 7 and Ms 5 disappearing down the hall where stories were told involving various displays of attitude by Karl and squeals from the recipient of Karl’s Attitude.

Before too long, Karl and his accomplices had made their way to the parents and delighted themselves in telling us cute stories designed to expose Karl’s attitude to “unsuspecting” parents. Interestingly Ms 5, who isn’t always the best communicator, used Karl to express her displeasure when it was time to leave. Being suitable for ages 3 and up we can see more than a few toddlers taking advantage of the Feisty Pets “attitude” to express their feelings.


We love toys that encourage creative play and thought and the Feisty Pet range do that in spades without a single screen or battery in sight.


Feisty Pets are one of the biggest changes to Plush Toys since, well, plush toys, and have taken Europe and the USA by storm and it is easy to see why they are soft and cuddly, although the head is not as soft as the body, but with a squeeze of the head, they transform their facial expressions to terrify even the coolest plush toy lovers.


Christmas 2016 will see a lot of Feisty Pets popping up around Australia, so be prepared, that cute adorable plush toy may just be chock full of attitude that every cheeky trickster is going to love!


Check out the video below