Encourage your Child to Play on Swing Sets

April 28, 2022
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Swings can be found in literally every kids’ playground. Children are always taking turns and fighting for a spot on the swings. But have you ever stopped to think about what the benefits of swings for your children are?

Encourage your Child to Play on Swing Sets

Benefits of swinging for children

Besides feeling like you are flying through the sky, the act of swinging has countless benefits for your child’s physical and emotional development. Here are some of the great benefits that come from swinging on swing sets:

  • Swinging develops coordinated movements. Through swinging back and forth, kids learn on their own how to make the swing move.
  • It develops social skills. Kids learn to share and wait their turn. They learn first-hand why you should be considerate of your peers.
  • Swinging is calming and releases stress.
  • Swinging increases spatial awareness.
  • It helps develop motor skills. Pushing their legs back and forth builds their gross motor skills, and their grip and hand coordination helps their fine motor skills.
  • Swinging helps develop balance: swinging back and forth means your body is constantly trying to understand where it is, trying to keep itself upright.
  • It’s a great aerobic exercise!

Kids’ swings for the home!

Who says you need to go to a playground to get all these benefits? Hammocks are an easy way to spend fun, but relaxed quality time with your children any time, anywhere. You can put hammocks inside or outside the house. You can snuggle up with your kids in the hammock and read bedtime stories, or use them to gently rock your little ones to sleep. Hammocks are a great addition to the home that provides the same amazing benefits swinging does, for your child and for yourself!

Hammock Sky at Toy Universe Australia

One of our favourite swing sets is the versatile hammocks from the Hammock Sky Collection. These provide both function and aesthetics for the home. The Hammock Sky XXL Cotton Swing, for example, is big enough to fit the kids and the adults whether you guys want to sit, swing or lie back!

Or if you and your little ones want to lie down and swing sideways, this Two-Person Hammock is a perfect choice. And when the kids grow, they’ll still be able to fit in it.

Not to mention, hammocks look cute and stylish both indoors and outdoors. If you choose to swing on the porch, set them up on the lawn, or hang them from the backyard tree, they become great lounging space for you and amazing outdoor toys for your kids! Or if you choose to put them in a bedroom or living room, they make a fantastic functional decoration for the whole family to enjoy.

Other fun ways to use a hammock swing set

Of course, we also love hammocks because they double as outdoor kids' toys you can take anywhere and keep the kids entertained. If you decide to take your kids on a camping trip to learn about our natural world, bring a hammock! If you want to take your children to the beach to engage in some sensory play in the sand and water, bring a hammock!

There’s a reason you can find swings in every playground. Swings are a great alternative to kids’ toys, providing countless great benefits in early childhood development. They are an easy way for you as a parent to get your child outdoors for their much needed 30 minutes of active play.

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