DOLU Ride On Toys arrive in Australia and our junior toy testers love them

By Toy Tester Dad - September 06, 2016

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Every now and then we see toys that we know will tick all the right boxes, and this week, when we were sent the range of Dolu Toys, Ride on Pedal Cars, Tractors and Quad Bikes we knew we had one of those toys.

The Dolu toys range is built in Turkey (not China) from high quality plastics and feature a range of 3 tractors, 2 sports cars and a quad bike. Each of the Dolu Toys vehicles are pedal powered, with the tractors and quad bike having pedals on the side whilst the sports cars pedals are tucked underneath the hood of these head turning cars.

There are two models of sports cars one in pink and the other in red, each of which feature racing style decals and rear view mirrors.

The Quad Bike or ATV is a black and red beast that looks just like the quad bike that Dad might ride on the weekend with his mates.

The tractor is a personal favourite and with three models to choose from there is sure to be just the right tractor for any job. Whether you need an Excavator, with a working bucket for those big digging jobs or a tractor and trailer for carting those heavy loads around the site or farm or a plain tractor for moving around the farm, the Dolu range has all the bases covered.

Each ride on features a moulded plastic seat and all the drive chains are hidden from the prying little fingers to avoid any risk of fingers getting caught. The box does contain those dreaded words “some adult assembly required” but we found it to be really simple and relatively quick to put the vehicles together. The ride ons vary in length from around 80cm for the sports cars to 170cm for the tractor and trailer. Bigger kids would possibly prefer the tractor or ATV range for the extra legroom.

Being well built and having a great range is one thing but what do the kids think. So we asked our resident 3 and 4 year old testers what they thought of the designs. The sports cars were an immediate hit with both testers declaring the red car to be the fastest. The tractors were quickly dispatched to the sand pit where excavation is under way as I write. The 4 year old is digging out copious amounts of dirt whilst the 3 year old is driving the tractor with trailer to drive around the sandpit before tipping the sand back in, I believe they will be entertained for a while.

Apparently we can’t use the ATV because there is not enough mud in my yard.

When asked to rate the machinery out of 10, both our junior testers scored them an 11. Neither stopped digging up the sandpit.

Suitable for ages 3 and up, these ride on vehicles will be the envy of all the kids in your neighbourhood, a little like a real sports car would be for the big kid in your life.

We can see the Dolu range of ride ons taking Australia by storm this year.