Creative fun toys for the bath

By Toy Tester Dad - March 07, 2016

Creative fun toys for the bath

The latest toy that ToyUniverse had sent me to review has me super excited at all the potential problems this toy will solve. The BathTime Buddies Bath Crayons are the revolution wall artists and bath haters alike have been dreaming of, no more drawing on walls or screaming matches to get the kids into the bath. 

Kids who love to draw on walls will finally be allowed to go for it as long as the wall is tiled and bath haters can enjoy bath time by using the crayons to create artworks on the side of the bath.

The idea is simple, give the child something they love doing, let them do it in the bath and they will love the bath. So here is how it works. The crayons are made of special materials that are 100% Non Toxic and safe for kids. The Crayons allow the wall artist and bath hater to draw, on the bath, the tiles, the shower screen and themselves to their hearts content. At the end of the bath, a quick wipe down and the artworks disappear.

I knew it was essential that I jump into a bath and give it a try. I donned my swimmers and away I went. First thing I liked was the easy to open packet, and the range of 6 colors. As I used the crayons I slowly realized something I should have known years ago, I Can’t Draw. Now most kids don’t care whether they can draw or not so I don’t think it is relevant to the test, it just really surprised me how bad I really was at bath artwork.

Now for the test, anyone can draw on a wall, but will it come off or have I just destroyed my neighbours bathroom? At this stage it occurred to me that I probably should have given the “what if it doesn’t come off” much more thought than I had. It was only a small panic attack, but nonetheless, as I swiped with the sponge I was relieved to see the “artwork” disappear, not just because my neighbor is 6ft 2” and works out every day but also because, my artwork didn’t add anything to the bathroom décor. A few minutes of wiping had the bathroom back to the original condition.

I liked the idea of having the kids entertained in the bath for a while, the crayons are each encased in a plastic crayon holder which protects the fingers from getting covered in crayon and makes them easier to hold. But, don’t expect their hands to be clean when they’re finished, the crayons are safe to use on skin and a quick wash with soap will remove the residue.

Bathtime Crayons have been around for decades and I think they’ve stood the test of time, a great little toy for kids over the age of 3 year.