Build a Bots has your children building their very own robot friend

By Toy Tester Dad - May 01, 2017

Build a Bots has your children building their very own robot friend

The latest buzzword in educational toys is S.T.E.M. or Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. With the future looking more and more focused than ever on science and technology as key drivers in education and careers it has never been more important to introduce your child to the wonders and possibilities of S.T.E.M.

Toy Makers are designing more and more toys with this future in mind with children as young as 3 beginning to be exposed to toys that stimulate S.T.E.M. learning in a fun and creative manner with toys like the Fisher Price Code-a-pillar for younger children and the Build a Bot range is one of the most popular combinations of robotics and construction in the S.T.E.M. category for ages 5 plus.

The Build a Bot range in Australia is 3 Bots that are each sold separately. They include the Build a Bot Bunny, Fox and Dino which are brightly coloured Pink, Orange and Blue respectively.

Build a Bot

The Build a Bot range comes in brightly coloured packaging with great pictures and instructions on what the finished product will look like and the actions it will perform. Each kit has easy to follow instructions. Each Bot kit consists of approximately 20 pieces that need to be assembled in order around the motorised core of the Bot which is a one piece unit. Each piece is numbered to make it super easy to assemble correctly, each part simply clicks firmly together with no tools (other than a small screwdriver for the retaining screw on the battery cover – 2 x AA batteries are required) or glue required.

Check out just how easy it is to assemble in this great video

Once assembled, you then get to personalise your Bot with a range of eyes and stickers to give them the character you want and food for your Bot like a carrot for the rabbit and a bone for the fox. Once you have finished assembling your Bot, you have your very own personal robot that will perform to your commands.

Switch on your Bot using the switch on the chest and a red light will activate showing that your Bot is ready to accept your command. Your assembled Bot is now ready to move on your command under its own power, tap the tail up and your Bot will take 9 steps forward, hold food in front of its mouth and he will chase it trying to wrap its lips around the tasty morsel.

Our Junior Toy Tester was Miss Emily who is 6 years old. She chose the Pink Bunny, and with a minimal of assistance had the Bot assembled in around 30 minutes. Emily tells me it was “easy peasy!” to put together. She did need a little help with reading the instructions but the numbered pieces did indeed seem to make it “Easy Peasy!” Playing with the Bot was intriguing and it followed her for food repeatedly throughout the afternoon much to her delight.

The technology of the world has come along way in the last ten years and by all predictions will make huge leaps over the next ten years and beyond. Where our children will be employed in the future probably hasn’t been invented yet but it seems inevitable it will involve technology in one way or another so it makes sense to give your child a head start in this exciting new world by looking at S.T.E.M. toys and we think the Build a Bot range is a great stepping stone in that learning process.

We gave the Build a Bot 4 stars as a construction and S.T.E.M. toy.