Bubble Fun Toys are Awesome for Kids of All Ages

By Toy Tester Dad - July 02, 2019

Bubble Toys and Bubble Machines at Toy Universe

No matter what time of the year, bubbles will keep your children engaged in chasing and popping thousands of shimmering bubbles.

Bubbles are magical and will never fail to put a smile on anyone’s face. Bubble toys are not only great fun but theys help your child develop Visual Tracking Skills, Gross Motor Movement, Balance and Muscle Tone Development, Fine Motor Development, Hand-Eye and Foot-Eye Coordination, Oral-Motor Skills among a lot of other benefits.

Bubble Fun Toys specialise in making bubble toys that your child will surely love! As a bonus, all of their toys don’t require any one else to blow the bubbles for the children to chase around anymore.

Bubble Fun Bubble Cake is great fun for kids

No more need to rent out a bubble-making machine for your child’s birthday because the Bubble Fun Party Cake Bubble Machine is the perfect sweetest bubble-making cake machine for your event. The Bubble Fun Cake Bubble Machine comes with its own bubble solution and features fun sounds and lights up when activated! It’s definitely a must-have for children’s party celebrations or just for a fun afternoon with their friends.

What do you get when you cross bubbles with a toy train?

The Bubble Fun Bump N' Go Bubble Train! It’s a fun toy train that accelerates as it produces a stream of beautiful bubbles from its chimney to entertain any child that loves bubbles and steam engines. Just like the Bubble Fun Party Cake Bubble Machine, The Bubble Fun Bump N' Go Bubble Train comes with its own bubble solution and features lights as well as train sounds when activated! As a bonus, this bubble-making toy train also has a Bump ‘n’ Go feature that makes the train change direction once it makes contact with an object, making for different adventures each play. This toy is perfect for any child to play with outdoors whether they’re alone or are having fun with their friends.

Bubble Fun Bubble Mower

Let your bubble-loving child do some pretend lawn mowing while having extra fun with the Bubble Fun Happy Garden Bubble Mower! Just like the other two bubble-making toys mentioned above, the Bubble Fun Happy Garden Bubble Mower also comes with its own bubble solution. There’s a switch to activate the bubble-making function and can be pushed around by your child to get plenty of exercise while bursting in a fit of giggles with their friends.

 Bubble Fun Bubble Trucks

Combine bubbles with a police car and you get the Bubble Fun Bump N’ Go Bubble Police Car! Just like the previous toys that were mentioned above, this bubble-making police car comes with its own bubble solution and just like the Bubble Fun Bump N’ Go Bubble Train, it features fun lights and siren sounds to mimic a real police car as well as changes its directions by itself once it hits an object. Children who love cars and bubbles are sure to enjoy the Bubble Fun Bump N’ Go Bubble Police Car.

We’ve come a long way from blowing bubbles from wands to a lot of new innovative bubble-making toys just like the ones from Bubble Fun that are mentioned above. No matter what,  each and every child (even those that are just young at heart) would still find bubbles fascinating and entertaining, even more so that Bubble Fun has upgraded the simple joy to a whole new level of fun.

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