Bruder has arrived to Toy Universe for all those kids that love toys to look like the real thing

By Rain Ranada - March 26, 2018

Bruder has arrived to Toy Universe

Oh boy what's going on here ? Bruder trucks hard at work constructing a new garden bed for Mum, but is that digger on it's side ? The site manager must have gone inside for a spot of afternoon tea and left the Bruder workers to their own devices. Lucky the Crane is there to fix this and get the project back on track.

This sort of thing happens all the time when kids get started with their Bruder trucks. If you haven't heard of Bruder, the brand has been around for generations producing almost exact working replicas of real trucks, excavators, cranes and other exciting machines in kid size.

Bruder is new to the Toy Universe range, and we're loving the detail and functions the Bruder trucks have, with seriously sturdy construction these toys will set you child's imagination alight with all the possibilities.

Whilst Bruder is child size, the trucks are still impressive in their size and perfect presents for those special occassions.

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