Beyblades Burst onto the battle top scene in 2017 with App powered tops and playsets

By Toy Tester Dad - February 03, 2017

Beyblades for Kids | Beyblade Burst Evolution | Buy Online

Beyblades have undergone a transformation that has created a new, more interactive and app supported Beyblade Burst from Hasbro.

In the past, we should admit we have been a little underwhelmed by Beyblade, but this next generation takes the experience to a whole new level of design, strategy and competition.

The Beyblade Burst are made up of three interchangeable parts, Energy Layers, Forge Discs and Performance Tips. The parts are interchangeable between the different models available so the more Beyblade Burst you have the more options you have available to create the battle winning Beyblade Burst and proceed to the next round in the battle to the Beyblade death. Each part is carefully selected by the player to modify strength, energy and performance of the Beyblade Burst in response to the selections made by your opponent

Beyblades for Kids | Beyblade Burst Evolutions | Buy Online

Once assembled, each player launches their Beyblade Burst over the Beystadium and the battle begins. The Beyblades spin, bouncing off the stadium walls before smashing into each other. The first player to 3 points is declared the winner with points being awarded if your opponents Beyblade stops spinning or bounces out of the Beystadium (1point) or when your opponents Beyblade Burst breaks up (2 points).

Beyblade Burst requires no batteries and is designed for ages 8 plus and we reckon even grandparents would enjoy this one.

Beyblade Burst was one of the exciting toys out of the Hong Kong Toy Fair in 2017 and with Technology being the focus for toys in 2017, the Beyblade Burst app takes the concept online with your friends on your WiFi network. Simply download the App to your Apple or Android device (check that your device is compatible) and photograph the Beyblade you have created from your range of Beyblade Burst characters. This enables you to unlock this character and take your Beyblade Burst experience online.

Beyblade Burst is available in Beyblade Starter Packs , Beyblade Dual Packs and the Beyblade Epic Rivals Battle Set all of which include the App Version for those battles that are truly out of this world.

Beyblades for Kids | Beyblade Burst Evolution | Buy Online

We played with the Beyblade Burst in Hong Kong and found it to be a really simple concept made into a battle of strategy and tactics by the mix and match nature of the Energy Layers, Forge Discs and Performance Tips. Dependant upon which piece you choose, you will end up with a very different performance from your Beyblade.

We love what Hasbro has done with the Beyblade Burst and the App will add a whole new dimension to your child’s enjoyment. If your child liked Beyblades, they will love Beyblades Burst.

Check out this promotional video from Hasbro: