Beyblade Burst - How to Play with your Beyblades

By Toy Tester Dad - February 28, 2019

Beyblade Burst - How to Play with your Beyblades

 Your son is asking you to buy a Beyblade and you have no idea how to play it with him, let alone imagine what kind of toy that is. Worry no more, this blog is written for parents like you. After all, every child thinks their mum and dad know everything from making the yummiest sandwich to playing the coolest games in town! 

But first, let's get to know the Beyblade story. Beyblades have been around since the early 2000s and were first introduced in Japan. Beyblade is simply a spinning top toy with customisable and interchangeable parts. Over time, Beyblades have taken the world of toys by storm and have now become a favourite.

The toy engages kids not only physically but allows them to think of strategies to win the game. Here, we’ve listed 3 easy ways to play Beyblades and we promise, it’s not rocket science. In no time, you’ll be yelling with your kid in chorus, “let it rrrrrrriiiipp!’. 

Let's learn the rules first 

    This is really a universal rule, before playing any game, it’s a must to wade through the rules to help understand the point of the game. 

    Beyblades Tops at Toy Universe

    A Beyblade is the spinning object that represents you in the battle and it’s made of up to 3 layers, namely the Beyblade top, the middle disc and the driver. The Beyblade top is the top layer which represents your Beyblade; middle disc is metal and helps keep the Bey stable during a battle; and the driver is the main point of contact in the Bey stadium which dictates the speed and direction of your Bey. Beyblade requires 2 players spinning Beyblades within a Beyblade stadium or Bey stadium. A Bey stadium is an official plastic bucket where players launch their Beyblades. 

    During each match, a player can pick 3 Beyblades of his choice, but he can only play with one Beyblade for battle. Now the scoring for the game goes like this:

    • You’ll earn one point when your opponent’s Beyblade is knocked out of the stadium or thrown outside of the ring (known as a Ring Out)
    • One point is also earned when you stop your opponent’s Beyblade from spinning (known as a Spin Finish)
    • Two points are earned if you can burst your opponent’s Beyblade during battle (known as Beyblade Burst)
    • In the event of a tie, both players earn the corresponding point
    • The first player to get seven points win 

    Once you get to know the rules, the game won’t appear so complicated to you.

    Know the four main types of Beyblades to determine which one to use

    This is where you apply the classic war strategy about knowing yourself. Well actually, knowing your Beyblades. Beyblades are classified based on their ability to attack, defend, endure, and balance. 

    Here are the four types of Beyblade Tops

    • Attack/Striker Beyblades are sturdy and strong and can spin around the Bey stadium with full force. Used on offense, they are the perfect Beys to use against the Stamina Beys. 
    • Defense/Defender Beyblades move very little and just spin around the Bey stadium waiting to be attacked first. Used to deflect its opponent, this is more efficient to use against the Attack Beys. 
    • Endurance/Stamina Beyblades compensate for their lack of power in the Bey by lasting longer than others. Used to outlast its opponent, they are the perfect Beys to battle against Defense Beys. 
    • Combination/Balance are multipurpose Beyblades with a little bit of everything. Used to endure attacks from any type of Beyblade.
    Beyblade Burst Tops with 3 Layers

    It’s best to know the strength and weaknesses of your Beyblades so you can win the battle. Generally, stamina is weaker against attack; defense is weaker against stamina; and attack is weaker against defense. Also, you can customise your Beyblades to make them unique like adding weight disks, attack rings, and different sizes of ripcords. They all depend upon the type and model of Beyblades that you are using.

    Prepare for Battle

    To get ready for the fight, carefully assemble your Beyblade by putting the bottom layer (the tip) into the metal disc (the middle layer), and then place the bottom and middle layers right into the top layer. Twist it gently to lock. 

    To finally launch your Beyblade, put the ripcord into the launcher right inside the hole where “IN” is written. Next, place your Beyblade within the launcher and route gently to keep it locked. Have a solid grip on your Bey launcher using your left hand and hold it above the Beyblade stadium with your bottom layer facing the stadium. When the battle finally begins, pull the ripcord out of the launcher while holding your launcher firmly. 

    Now, there goes 3 easy ways to play Beyblade. Choose your Beyblades smartly, play safely and most of all, enjoy! And don’t forget that here at Toy Universe Australia, we’ve got a full range of Beyblade Toys you can choose from to take your game to the next level. 

    Check our product list and order our Beyblade products today. We’ll have them delivered right to your doorstep wherever you are in Australia, New Zealand or the United States – the only thing you’ve got to do is look forward to your next battle.

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