Discover all the Benefits of Sensory Toys!

Sensory toys are an amazing way to keep your child entertained and develop important skills. Due to their very nature, sensory toys passively help your child learn fine motor skills and relax - while having fun and entertaining themselves. Find out more below about how sensory toys and activities can help your child grow! 

So what exactly are sensory toys?

Sensory toys refer to any toys or activities that encourage children to investigate, explore and subsequently retain information. Sensory toys, as well as any other forms of sensory stimulation, have been proven to be linked to emotional, cognitive and physical development, not just for children, but also for individuals of all ages.

Sensory play, therefore, refers to any activity that is designed to stimulate one or more of the five senses: touch, sight, smell, taste and hearing, as well as any activities that engage movement and balance. These senses help the child to make sense of the world around them, and form the foundation for basic skills that they continue to develop and utilise as they get older.

What are the benefits of sensory play?

Sensory play, and sensory toys in general, offer countless benefits to your baby, toddler or child’s development. One of the main benefits that sensory toys offer to babies and toddlers is the ability to experience and understand sensory attributes, i.e, which objects share similar characteristics. Through sensory play, the brain begins to identify different sensations, for example different textures, and your child will begin to recognise the difference between soft and hard, between squishy and firm, between spiky and fluffy.

Sensory play helps children make brain connections!

Sensory play impacts the physical development of your toddler’s brain, by building nerve connections that enable your toddler to understand and complete more demanding learning tasks as they grow older. Sensory play also supports and promotes early childhood development, specifically when it comes to cognitive development, development of fine and gross motor skills and problem-solving skills. They learn how to verbalise their feelings, develop social interaction and communication skills, and learn different ways to understand and communicate with the world around them.

Additionally, by engaging their senses and interacting with all different kinds of textures, colours, smells, sounds and tastes, sensory toys aid in the development and enhancement of cognitive and motor memories. Sensory play is also a great way to reduce discomfort, nerves, restlessness or frustration.

Sensory toys are great for people of all ages.

However, sensory stimulation is not just crucial for the development of babies and toddlers. Though there are an endless amount of various sensory toys available that are specifically designed for babies and toddlers, such as rattles, teething toys, mobiles and soft books, sensory stimulation is just as important as your baby grows up, offering additional benefits to children and adults.

With children, sensory toys are proven to help to develop concentration skills and promote focus. They strengthen brain development and support and improve kids’ fine motor skills, including writing and cutting and their gross motor skills, such as jumping and climbing. As mentioned previously, sensory toys also encourage language skills and development, allowing kids to improve their ability to communicate with others, and develop an awareness of the social and interactive world that surrounds them. Sensory stimulation also proves to be vital as you age, making it important for everyone, rather than just babies and toddlers.

Sensory stimulation, through means of stress balls, for example, is known to improve one’s overall wellbeing by reducing anxiety, stress and depression. Although sensory activities, or toys, are generally targeted toward babies and children, the sensory processing of adults, too, can benefit from sensory stimulation, and leads to the calming of nerves, relieving nerves and providing a feeling of calm.

All that’s left is to pick the one!

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Throughout this article, we have shown the many benefits offered by sensory toys, at every stage of an individual’s life. Browse our wide range of sensory toys, and see what kind of sensory toy best suits your child!