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5 Tips on Selecting a Toy for a Newborn Baby

August 21, 2019

Shopping for a toy gift for a newborn baby can be great fun, it can also cause some unnecessary stress if you're not used to shopping for kids toys.

Below are 5 Quick Tips to help all those new uncles, aunties, grandparents and friends deliver a super fun present that will take pride of place in the new babies nursery.

Tip 1 : Use the Age Guide provided

There are very good reasons for Australia's Recommended Age requirements especially for children under 3 years old. Babies explore the world differently to adults, we don't see too many adults mouthing their brand new watch, but every baby will automatically put their new toy in their mouth.You don't want that toy coming apart whilst this baby exploration is happening.

Each toy has a Recommended Age on the box - choose the Age : 0 Months + for newborns and you won't go wrong.

Fisher Price Snuggly Otter for Newborn Babies

Tip 2 : Unique is often best

It's the question that goes through each gift buyers mind, what if they already have it ?

When it comes to selecting toys there are a few well known brand names such a Fisher Price and Lamaze, so you can choose one of these for quality and brand name alone, but you may need to return and exchange if the baby has already received the same gift.

All baby toys in Australia must pass stringent quality and safety tests, so a unique brand is just as safe as a major brand. 

Unique Baby Toys by LuluJo Brand

Tip 3 : Choose contrasting colours

There are some gorgeous pastel coloured baby toys and gifts out there, but babies don't see very well, at least not for the first few months of their life, so that pink and white teddy is probably going to sit untouched whilst a black and white zebra get's all the baby love.

Choose bright, contrasting colours to engage babies.

Lamaze Gardenbug Foot Finder and Wrist Rattle Set - contrasting colours

Tip 4 : Choose washable or wipeable where possible

Babies drool, vomit after feeds and are generally unworried about sharing their bodily fluids with their favourite toys. Choose toys that can be thrown in the washing machine or easily wiped by Mum and Dad.

Gifting baby toys that are easy to clean will make you a favourite not just with the new member of the family but their Mum and Dad as well.

Taggies Mary Meyer Oodles Owl Soft Book

Tip 5 : Keep music and sounds soothing

There will be time to choose a super loud, fun musical toy but the newborn stage is definately not that time. Newborns have just arrived here, everything is loud and exciting so when they are playing soft music and sounds are more than enough to stimulate their brains without causing distress.

Choose music and sounds that soothe rather than excite.

Vtech Little Friendlies Glow and Giggle Playmat

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