5 tips on How to make Christmas unforgettable for kids

December 21, 2021
Tags: Advice

Your kids are no doubt brimming with excitement with Christmas being just days away! And you might be wondering how you can make this Christmas a more memorable one for them…

The holiday season is always a great opportunity for us to bond with our kids and give them the most important gift you can -  memories that they’ll treasure forever! Don’t worry, you don’t have to jam-pack your holidays with activities. Instead, select just a few days for special family outings or traditions. That way, you and the kids will really treasure and value them. Here are five ways you can make your kid’s Christmas unforgettable this year.

Get Christmas Crafty

Some of our most cherished memories are made right there in the home! So try dedicating a day or two to making Christmas decorations for your house with your children. Not only will it get you guys into the festive mood, but you’ll also have some unforgettable bonding time with your family. Customising your own Christmas tree baubles is a classic example. Everyone can design their own bauble by writing their name on it and decorating it based on each person’s personal style! You could make it a tradition by putting the year onto them or a symbol of something special that happened that year. Each year your tree will hold more and more memories of your kids’ childhood! More ideas include making a Christmas wreath, gingerbread houses or Christmas cookies! Basically, any craft you can think of that will bring the whole family together. It’ll surely be a core memory that sticks in the kids’ minds!

Mix & Match

If you’re into corny stuff like me, let the kids pick out matching Christmas pyjamas for the whole family to wear on Christmas. Then hop in the car and drive around looking at the neighbourhood Christmas lights or take fun and festive family photos that the kids can cherish for many years to come! The kids may love it, or they may just be embarrassed the whole time. Either way, it’s sure to become a fond memory or tradition that they’ll appreciate in the future! 

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

If you need a special Christmas Eve tradition, this could be it. On the night the Christmas tree is set up, keep the tree lights on, gather some snacks and hot chocolate, and read the kids some Christmas stories or watch their favourite Christmas movie! If you have a set bedtime or turn-off times for the ipad or tv, let Christmas Eve be the night they’re allowed to stay up a bit past their bedtime (especially if they’ve been well-behaved). Then use that added time together! This can be an exciting tradition that your kids will find comfort in, will remember, and will look forward to each year. 

There’s no better gift than the gift of giving

Being able to give gifts is so important for building your kids’ sense of empathy and overall happiness. Help your child pick out gifts their friends or family will love. It’s a great way to bond with them and will teach them about considering other people’s feelings and interests. The holidays are the perfect opportunity to teach your children that giving is better than receiving because they actually get to experience how good it feels!

Write a Letter to Santa 

If your child is a fan of Santa, encourage them to write a letter and wish list to him. This is a great way to make Christmas more personalised. Your child will feel great after getting a reply from Santa or waking up to the gifts they wrote on their list to him. Or better yet, take your child to visit him in your shopping centre or wherever he’ll make an appearance in your town or city. Your child will feel the magic of the season and they’ll feel special too. It will be an unforgettable feeling and memory for years to come.


Christmas traditions are just great and fun ways of strengthening family bonds - an important part of a child’s young life. I’m sure you have a few fond memories of your own childhood Christmas family traditions. And you can always pass those down to your kids too! Find some traditions that fit your family’s lifestyle and what you think your kids will enjoy. Whether you're baking cookies, making Christmas crafts, visiting Santa or looking at neighborhood lights, make Christmas time a time spent together with your kids.