5 Reasons Why Art is So Important for Your Kids!

Enabling kids to express their creativity through art and other creative means is crucial for kids as they grow up. Not only is art an excellent and constructive way of spending time, but it also offers other countless benefits, including stimulating neural pathways, building and developing fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, emotional and communication skills and encouraging your kid’s self-expression. Read our informative article below and find out about all the benefits that art and other creative activities can offer your child!

1. Stimulates neural pathways

One of the main benefits of art is that it has the potential to stimulate all senses - sight, sound, smell, touch and taste, depending on the activity. Feeling the texture of paint between your fingers, mixing together different colours, playing with crayons, or using lead pencils to draw pictures from your imagination are just a few different examples of activities that can stimulate your various senses.

2. Builds fine motor skills 

Picking up a crayon or texta is the first step to your child developing their fine motor skills. By using their fingers to perform different activities, like cutting, squeezing or rolling, your child uses and improves their coordination, connecting their activities to thought and improving their fine-motor skills.

3. Develops problem solving skills

Art and creative activities teach kids the ability to solve problems. By doing art activities, children learn to develop confidence in their own abilities, to examine what they enjoy and what they don’t enjoy. Art offers kids the opportunity to make their own choices, to test possibilities and work through challenges by following their own preferences, making their own assessments and coming to their own conclusions.

4. Builds motional and communication skills 

Art enables kids to appreciate the hard work that they invest in a specific activity, and the outcome that they receive as a result. It also marks the beginning of a child’s visual communication, where through the artwork they create, they share a message. Through their art, a child can relay emotionally-charged experiences, share their feelings, or describe an actual event that they experienced, offering parents and others an insight into their internal world.

5. Encourages self-expression 

Artwork allows kids to express themselves fully, by depicting exactly what they want, however they want it. Art offers kids the opportunity to understand both their own, internal world and the world they live in. Art provides a way for kids to process new information that they have learnt in a confident, independent and reflective way. They learn that it is safe to experiment, to use a variety of tools and techniques and explore.

As has been outlined throughout this article, art offers kids many benefits, other than just guaranteeing a fun time. Art promotes creativity, offering kids a way to explore and understand the world that they live in. It provides a safe and secure environment to experiment with different tools and techniques and allows children to process and deal with their emotions and feelings in a confident and supported way.