10 Fun Facts About Dinosaurs For Kids

April 22, 2022
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There’s just something about dinosaurs that continue to fascinate kids of all ages. If you have a child interested in dinosaurs, they’re probably spitting crazy facts about these prehistoric creatures all day every day. But scientists are still discovering! There’s still so much to learn about these behemoths. Check out this article of 10 fun dinosaur facts to share with your little ones. 

The biggest dinosaur ever

Make way for the Argentinosaurus. This herbivore is the largest land animal ever found! It weighed a whopping 75,000kg, was 36 metres long, and was 21 metres tall. This means it was as long as three school buses and as tall as a six-storey building. The Argentinosaurus was easily the largest dinosaur.

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Largest carnivore: Spinosaurus

Move over T-Rex – the largest carnivorous dinosaur was actually the Spinosaurus. These creatures lived on both land and in water (just like a crocodile). They were super fast theropods (walks on two legs) and were surprisingly smart considering how small their brains were compared to their bodies. Get your little one their own roaring Spinosaurus dinosaur toy figure here.

Not all that big?

When you hear dinosaurs, you might imagine gigantic creatures towering over us. But today people estimate the average dinosaur was only as big as a small car. The smallest were about the size of a chicken!

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Loud and proud: Carnotaurus

The Carnotaurus is thought to be the loudest dinosaur and quickest theropod. These carnivores had large heads with sharp teeth and horns which they used to hunt and fight other dinosaurs and prey. They made clicking sounds through their noses when they were annoyed at others around them! Click click away with your own Carnotaurus dinosaur kids toy.

Dinosaurs among us!

The lizards, turtles, snakes and crocodiles you see today all descend from dinosaurs.

The (kind of) friendly Kentrosaurus

While these friendly Kentrosauruses stuck together in packs living peaceful lives, they weren’t very smart. They had a brain the size of a walnut! So they used the spikes on their body to defend themselves. They could swing their tails 180-degrees, with such a force that could crack a human skull! Check out these spiky creatures as kids' toys.

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Musical dinos: Parasaurolophus

The parasaurolophus is known for the long horn coming from the top of its head. Did you know when they breathed out, the horn made long, deep sounds? Just like a woodwind instrument! This was to communicate with members of the herd or attract mates. On adult males, the horns could be as big as a human (1.8 metres long)! Play with these noisy Parasaurolophuses here.

Pterodactyls aren’t dinosaurs!

Dinosaurs lived only on land and could not fly. This means pterodactyls are not dinosaurs, but cousins to the dinosaur! They were part of the group of flying reptiles called Pterosaurs. And, even though dinosaurs could kind of swim, they lived exclusively on land. Prehistoric water reptiles that lived at the same time as dinosaurs are called Plesiosaurs.

Are today’s birds dinosaurs?

Some modern birds descend from theropods like the T-Rex and velociraptor. Although they were giant compared to today’s birds, dinosaurs like the archaeopteryx had the same snout, wings, and feathers that our birds do. Today’s birds have skeletons almost identical to some non-avian dinosaurs.

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The terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex

Despite having those teeny tiny arms (which we still don’t know what they were used for), the T-Rex was an amazingly smart dinosaur. They could see colour just like us humans AND had binocular vision. This meant they could easily tell how far away their prey was and how to time their attacks perfectly. And there’s proof the T-Rex lived right here, in Australia! This T-Rex makes the perfect toy for your kids!

There you have it – Impress your child with those fun dinosaur facts today! Is your little one into other animals as well? We’ve got just the toys for them to learn and have fun with. Check out these animal toys.