LOL Little Outrageous Littles are super fun collectible dolls with a super fun surprise inside

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LOL Surprise is a new collectible to hit the Australian Market in 2017. LOL stands for Little Outrageous Littles and we think these are destined to become the must have craze in schools across Australia. Remember, this company was behind last years “must have” Num Noms, and their latest offering has all the hallmarks of being even more successful.

The concept is simple, with 7 layers of surprises in each LOL Surprise that are assembled to make one of more than 45 LOL surprise collectible dolls, as each layer is unwrapped the pod reveals accessories such as shoes, bottles, clothes and then finally gives up it’s big secret, which LOL Surprise collectible have you got? Each LOL Surprise also includes a secret message from your collectible and stickers for your collection.

The layers are the same for each model and are

1st Layer: Secret message [shhh . . .]

2nd Layer: Emoji stickers [so many feels!]

3rd Layer: Baby bottle [heyyyy, it’s also a charm]

4th Layer: Pair of kicks [roller skates, cowgirl boots, ballet flats and more]

5th Layer: Outrageous outfits [jumpsuits, tutus, leather jackets, mermaid tails and more]

6th Layer: Fashionable accessories [sunglasses, cat ears, tiaras, oh my!]

7th Layer: … finally! L.O.L. Surprise!™ 3-inch doll—the ultimate surprise!

Buy LOL Dolls Online at Toy Universe

With more than 45 collectibles in series 1, the dolls range from common to rare and their value at school swap meets increases accordingly. The rarest of them all, “The Queen Bee” is highly valued amongst collectors of this latest craze.

Each LOL Doll is a member of one of 8 clubs, Dance, Opposites, Athletic, Glam, Glee, Spirit, The Glitterati and Theatre and the LOL Website ranks the Rarity of each collectible from Popular to Ultra Rare so that everyone can trade fairly and get the LOL Doll they are after.

We got our hands on 2 of the LOL Surprise eggs and they are little, cute and loads of fun. Each layer is revealed easily with little fingers giving your child the thrill of unwrapping the item themselves without any help (younger children might need some help with scissors to cut open the bags each part comes in). Just look for the printed zipper on each layer and the plastic tears along the perforated line. The Size of each LOL Surprise is just right for little hands. The items inside your LOL Surprise are very well packaged and each part is easily removed.

Each doll has a special feature or two, some cry, some change colour when wet and others will spit up or even tinkle and the stickers in each LOL will tell you a little about what your doll will do. They are all dressed in outrageously colourful and sometimes eccentric costumes that just add to the element of fun. Assembly was very straightforward and the parts, whilst small, are easily handled by ages three plus. The doll is just over 7cm tall and surprisingly each doll has moveable arms and legs for extra play fun.

There is nothing on the outside of the packaging that would indicate which doll you will receive, so it is a bit of a lucky dip, for us that was half the fun as we tried to guess, based on each piece, which doll we had received. It really wasn’t until the last piece was unwrapped that we could confidently say which ones we had.

The LOL Doll website even has Adoption Certificates and details on each doll for your child to check out.

We are amazed at just how much fun they have packed into these little dolls and at under $20.00 per doll we are sure parents and children will both love them as well.

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